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About Our Company

Language Access LLC offers comprehensive language translation and interpretation services. Based in Lakewood, Colorado, our services are available to clients across the United States.

About Nohra Medina

A Most Meaningful and Gratifying Experience

No Stranger to Heights

Nohra Medina was born in a city nestled in one the largest plateaus of the Andean mountains. Once labeled the Athens of South America, her natal city of Bogotá, stands 8,360 feet above sea level and it is today one of the largest cities in the world, with a metropolitan area population of over 13 million.

Nohra began her bilingual education at the age of four. And she attained English proficiency as a young graduate of the prestigious Bilingual Colegio Rochester of Bogota.

Instilled by a culture of hard work and attention to detail, by the time Nohra was 22 years old, she had obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at the Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administracion, long regarded as one of the best Colleges of Business in Colombia to this day.

Instilled by a culture of hard work and attention to detail, by the time Nohra was 22 years old, she had obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at the Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administracion.

The Marketing Manager

Inspired by her experiences as a competitive swimmer during her school years, Nohra figured out the value of determination and perseverance. Shortly after her graduation, Nohra was chosen by Fortune-500 company SC Johnson to be an Assistant Product Manager for their Colombian operations.

During her tenure with SC Johnson, Nohra obtained valuable experience while making a significant contribution to a successful campaign to expand SC Johnson’s sales of household cleaning products in three of Colombia’s most populous provinces.

Nohra then decided to take on a challenging job as the Treasury Manager for a fairly large clothing manufacturer prior to pursuing her graduate studies in the US. She moved to Fort Collins and attained her Master of Science degree in Marketing at Colorado State University.

After graduation, Nohra was hired by Metzger Associates in Boulder to develop and implement Public Relations plans for its clients’ emerging Latin American markets. Her efforts were keys to gaining market share in countries like Brazil and Argentina.

She also taught Spanish at Red Rocks Community College.

Subsequently, Nohra took on what turned out to be a very intense stint for Qwest Communications (currently Century Link) first, as a Product Manager and later on, as the Denver Marketing Manager where she was instrumental in attaining a significant growth of the Hispanic segment in this highly competitive market.

The Interpreter

It was at this point that Nohra was introduced to her true love and calling by a friend. “The process of facilitating a meeting of the minds between two parties, and to do so accurately and completely or the opportunity to be another human being’s voice and ears at a time of need or when they are standing up to control their own lives, is a most meaningful and gratifying experience”, explains Nohra. She took a severance package from Qwest and immediately began her new career.

Since 2003, Nohra has accumulated a wealth of experience translating and interpreting for government agencies, healthcare providers and community organizations; as well as covering conferences, labor negotiations, public forums, business, commercials, video voice-overs, sworn affidavits, worker’s compensation hearings, public rallies, murder trials, civil lawsuits, academic tours and lectures as well as business meetings and contract negotiations.

Nohra conducted foreign language proficiency assessments for the City and County of Denver Civil Service Commission. She has provided translation as well as localization services to a number of public and private organizations.

"The Tools I Need"

But I’m not alone”, points out Nohra, “it’s not just my experience and individual knowledge. My work in Colorado and beyond has been blessed by the opportunity to work and collaborate with a broad network of highly qualified individuals, my colleagues. They are my secret weapon, if you will.”

Nohra decided to create an interpretation and translation company to improve her ability to serve. “This company is owned and operated by certified professionals. Most agencies I’ve worked for over the years are owned by people who don’t even know what it takes to be an interpreter. Now I have the tools I need to be able to provide my customers with the quality service they deserve”.

Nohra lives with her husband and two beautiful daughters in Lakewood, Colorado. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, tennis and swimming.

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